North County Conference 2020

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) San Diego Section is structured as follows for Boys Lacrosse:

  • Teams (~ 58 total in San Diego Section)
  • Playoff Divisions (2)
  • Conferences (8)
  • Leagues (~ 3 per conference)

Mission Hills Boys Lacrosse is classified as follows:

  • Division: 2
  • Conference: North County
  • League: Avocado


The two best sources for schedules, results, and standings are and Currently, both resources have inaccurate league designations for Mission Hills, Canyon Crest Academy, and Rancho Buena Vista. That makes it difficult to ascertain accurate league standings. In addition, teams play quite a few non-league and non-conference games.

Standings Table

In order compensate for the confusion in the official records and display relative team standings and stats, the table below shows all results (including non-conference games) for all teams in the North County Conference.


  • W  (Wins)
  • L (Loss)
  • F (Goals Scored For)
  • A (Goals Scored Against)
  • +/- (Plus/Minus Differential = goals scored for [F] minus goals scored against [A]
  • By default, the table ranks teams by “+/-” differential.


North County Conference