Support the Team

The boys lacrosse booster club of the Grizzlies Booster Educational Foundation is dedicated to facilitating parent and community involvement to the benefit of the boys lacrosse program.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the booster club board. Email us at

All donations, sponsorships, and proceeds from merchandise and snack bar sales go to the official Booster account which is 100% dedicated to financially benefiting the Grizzlies Boys Lacrosse program.

This season, the booster club will contribute to the following items:

  • Lacrosse Balls
  • Helmet Decals
  • Spirit Packs – shirts and shorts for the players to wear for practice and under pads
  • Senior Night
  • Team Banquet
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

1 – Volunteer

This season, there are Grizzly Parents that give their time to video and photograph games, design and source merchandise, maintain this website, coordinate the snack bar, and serve on the booster board.

We welcome more parents to share their talents with the team. To get involved, please contact us at

Available Opportunity – Snack Bar

Volunteers are needed to facilitate the snack bar during home games.

To sign-up for the snack bar, please use our online form at

2 – Donate

The Grizzlies Booster Educational Foundation is a non-profit, so financial donations are tax-deductible.


The Booster Club PayPal account is the most convenient way to donate money. (PayPal charges a processing fee of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.)


Make checks payable to “GBEF Boys Lacrosse.”  Email the Booster Club to coordinate hand-off of the check: Or mail it to this address: 937 Pinecrest Ave, Escondido, CA 92025.

Food + Supplies

The snack bar at home games is facilitated by the Booster Club with parent volunteers and donated supplies. Email us if you would like to donate to the snack bar:

3 – Shop

Show your team pride by purchasing merchandise from the Booster Club's online store or at the snack bar during home games.

There are water bottles, clothing items, and stickers with attractive Grizzlies lacrosse logos.

Check out the Online Store

4 – Sponsor

If your business would like to sponsor Grizzlies Boys Lacrosse, we gladly accept donations in any amount.

Sponsors contributing $250 or more will receive a plaque commemorating their support of the team. And all sponsors will be featured on this website.

Grizzlies Booster Educational Foundation is a non-profit, so financial sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Please email us to arrange a sponsorship: